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Reader Comments

The first thing I want to say is, RIGHT ON. I am so excited to see Fort Collins magazine. I've lived in this town since 1994 and have been waiting for a decent publication like this. Thank you, and I will be happy to jump on your bandwagon and bang the drum.
- Amy 7/16/12

Just saw the first issue of Fort Collins magazine -- nicely done! It truly looks and feels like a top-quality, nationally distributed magazine! Congratulations.
- Amanda 7/10/12

I just came across your magazine and thought it was awesome. I know it's a brand new publication, so I was wondering if you needed any extra help -- editing, research, office stuff, writing, anything.
- Hannah 7/9/12

I have seen your magazine and you do a great job. Keep up the good work!
- Archie 7/2/12

Congratulations on volume 1, issue 1 of Fort Collins Magazine! I'm thrilled to see a lifestyle magazine for our region, especially one so well designed, vibrant and fresh! Having worked at Boulder Magazine, I understand the broad challenge of launching this product and compliment you on embracing it so beautifully. Best wishes for the success of your new magazine!
- Teri 6/28/12

My wife happened across the first issue and really liked it. We'd like to be charter subscribers.
- Robert 6/18/12

Thanks so much for the Fort Collins magazines! They were a huge hit and only a few were left�it was definitely a nice touch to showcase our community and its resources by having them available for visitors!
- Elisa 6/13/12

I just happen to snatch the first issue of 'Fort Collins' magazine while at the MRI Center today. I really enjoyed reading it cover to cover, especially the story about the Cemetery + Denny Sovick's great homes!
- Denise 6/12/12

I loved the maiden issue of the FC Mag -- I read it cover to cover and said, "What?! Only twice a year?!" Keep up the brilliant work; northern Colorado needs you!
- Kirsten 6/7/12

I just read your new magazine today. WOW. I am blown away and so excited that there is finally a really solid publication like this in Fort Collins. Congratulations on your first issue, a truly stellar product! It's a proud day for Fort Collins!
- Dawn 5/21/12

I ran across a copy of the new Fort Collins Magazine that had recently come to my brother's house in the mail. How does one get a copy? It looks great!
- Lori 5/11/12

Many kudos on an excellent magazine. We really needed something like it to pep up publications in Fort Collins.
- Kate 6/7/12

We just moved to Fort Collins from Philadelphia and would like to know if there are subscriptions available for Fort Collins Magazine. We really enjoy the magazine.
- John 6/2/12

I recently came across your new magazine. I love it! My husband and I grew up in Fort Collins and are glad that there is something like this.
- Shelby 5/30/12

I was so excited to get a link to the Fort Collins Magazine this evening. Despite that fact that I am sitting in a hotel room in Disney World and exhausted from a full day of gallivanting with princesses and coaster cruising, I was still pulled through the entire magazine. It looks great. The content is fun, accessible and makes me feel like a lifelong NoCo resident. Congratulations on a job very well done! I can't wait to pick up my print edition when I finally roll into the 'rado next week!
- Kayleen 5/30/12

I discovered a copy of Fort Collins Magazine a few days ago at our Chiropractor's office. I was blown away! It's the sharpest looking publication I've ever seen for Northern Colorado and especially Fort Collins! Really it was stunning!
- Steve 5/30/12

This afternoon I picked up a copy of the Summer 2012 issue of the Fort Collins Magazine and read it cover to cover.~Martin 5/2512 I just read the Fort Collins magazine, loved it!
- Jen 5/9/12

I'm so happy to see a new publication come out in Fort Collins. I was just telling a friend that there are not enough in our town. Fort Collins is growing and it's nice to see a magazine emerge. Thanks of being brave! I look forward to the next issue.
- June 5/22/12

I just came across the magazine this morning and am really excited to see a well-done local magazine! Four years ago I moved to Fort Collins from NYC, where I took for granted having great magazines about the area.
- Christina 5/21/12

At first sight of this magazine , I just had to open it up. Regretfully it belonged to Picasso and Wine in Windsor so I couldn't take it! All the luck in the world on this new venture and exciting upbeat FC mag.
- Pat 5/20/12

I enjoyed the first issue of the new Fort Collins Magazine!
- Sue 5/18/12

I own The Cupboard and I am very impressed by your magazine.
- Jim 5/18/12

I loved the first issue ... well done , and fun !
- Phil 5/18/12

You all did a splendid job on the new magazine. I love it!
- Kathleen 5/17/12

I was absolutely thrilled when the great new Fort Collins Magazine showed up in my mailbox a few days ago. I've read it cover to cover.
- Stephanie 5/17/12

The front cover was terrific and the article about Dennis Sovick and City Park was great�.All the best!
- Gene 5/15/12

Lovely magazine, lovely articles, lovely advertisements, lovely quality...
- John 5/14/12

I've lived in Fort Collins for over 30 years and have seen magazines -- and newspapers -- come and go. I recently got a copy of your new one in the mail and am impressed. You don't seem to focus on ads, as does Lydia's STYLE, featuring her high-end friends: lots of gloss, not much content. Your magazine has a refreshing blend of what's good about our town -- the biking and brewing culture and our access to natural wonders and local entertainment and places to shop -- as well as insightful essays about the Red Cross and cooking veggies and saving your knees. I especially enjoyed Shawna Van's take on overcoming divorce and moving forward. Also, Laura Pritchett's profile of the couple who live in a restored house by City Park. Actually, you have more entertaining articles than I can comment on! Please keep up the good work, and try to make this a monthly publication, not semi-annual. I'll bet you get good feedback on the copies you've sent out because it's a quality magazine. All best to you!
- David 5/14/12

I just received the Fort Collins magazine and love it so much. In fact everyone at work wants a copy and wants to know how to subscribe.
- Stephanie 5/11/12

Love what you are doing.
- Jackie 5/11/12

I just picked up your gorgeous magazine- nice work!
- Zoe 5/11/12

Congrats on a great new publication. We know it takes a great deal of effort to do something like this. It is exceptionally well done and a fresh fun look at the Fort. Very well done, indeed.
- Jeanie 5/11/12

I enjoyed the copy of the Fort Collins Magazine. Hope that the magazine will be successful for you.
- Kathy 5/10/12

I just received a copy of your magazine through the mail. First one I've ever seen. Very nice!
- Lew 5/10/12

Your summer issue of Fort Collin Magazine was most impressive with a good format, lots of appealing photos and short articles.
- Dick 5/10/12

I thoroughly enjoyed your magazine. The craftsmanship is captivating on every page. Paper selection: Superb. Just right for ambitious magazine. Front page: Beautiful picture, has an international feel. Totally attractive. Ads: Professional and again has me thinking of inflight magazine. Photos: Just lovely, well structured and beautiful. Articles: inviting, informative, enjoyable. Absolute treat. ( Over two cups of coffee:) My favorites: Summer reads. A shoulder to lean on. Kale. Crosiers mountain trail. Little Bird Bakeshop. Three houses. At home in city park. And then I'm going to read some more..... Thanks for this treat and may this new magazine be well and thriving for years to come. Already looking forward for the next one.
- Osk 5/10/12

Today we received a copy of your new very pretty magazine. Good luck on future copies. Congratulations on your courage.
- Barb 5/10/12

Above all else, I'd like to congratulate you on the publication of the first Fort Collins Magazine - it's clear that a lot of work went into it, and it looks great.
- Matt 5/9/12

I just wanted to send some kudos to you and your team about the Fort Collins Magazine. I think it is beautiful! It's nice to see such a refreshing and quality publication in our town. Thanks again for a wonderful magazine and I look forward to future issues!
- Shannon 5/8/12

I commend you Cara and Amy for creating this beautiful magazine. The front cover picture is delightful and makes me smile every time I look at it.
- Judy 5/8/12

Amy, a very good job! I picked up (stole) a copy of the magazine from the PVH Lab (they had several copies) and just finished reading it � congratulations!
- Dave 5/7/12